Popular Hires For Autumn 2022

Some of the most common landscaping and grounds maintenance work begins each year when Autumn comes around. In the UK, we tend to use this period as a time of preparation for winter, having to negotiate many different challenges. Therefore, to tackle all the challenges that come with Autumn, we have put together this resource to share the most popular hires for Autumn 2022.

By sharing this knowledge, you will be able to determine the types of jobs that you should be concentrating on before the winter months set in. While purchasing equipment is a long-term investment, choosing to hire equipment does come with a lot of financial benefits. Especially when running up to the most expensive time of the year for all of us.

Financial benefits of hiring equipment in Autumn 2022

Autumn and winter in the UK is a very strenuous time for all, most so, on everyone’s back pocket. Nevertheless, hiring plant and tool hire equipment during this time does come with some financial benefits for all. No matter who’s hiring the equipment.

With continuous cost fluctuations upon investments, the market is currently highly in favour of hiring equipment rather than purchasing equipment. (2022) There are plenty of examples occurring within the UK right now to showcase how uncertain the market is…just look at the fuel prices. As a result, more and more people are turning to hire for the stability of cost.

As well as this, many are turning because there are no depreciation costs with hiring equipment. If you decide to purchase a new piece of equipment, it will depreciate. Even though the strength of second-hand machinery is currently very good,

The financial benefits continue with the removal of maintenance and upkeep costs. During the Autumn and Winter months, it is more likely for machinery to falter due to the harsher conditions. As a result, more people turning to hire to remove all these responsibilities.

Many businesses will be managing multiple different types of projects through the Autumn period, which will require an array of equipment. Choosing to hire your equipment allows you access to a large selection of tools overall. As a result, this has a financial benefit as it means you can tailor your equipment needs to specific project requirements, at no extra cost. Once the machinery has fulfilled its requirements, you can return it to the supplier without being exposing yourself to downtime costs.

Downtime costs occur when machinery or tools are not earning money. Therefore, as you will discover, a lot of the most popular hires in autumn 2022 are season specific. Meaning that once used it could be another 12 months until they return to use again. This makes choosing to hire your equipment far more desirable.

The final financial benefit to hiring equipment during the Autumn months is that once you have dealt with the machinery and no longer need it, you needn’t find somewhere to store it. When you invest in a new piece of equipment, it is your responsibility to house it, keep it safe and cover the costs to do so. Depending on the value and size of the equipment, could determine the additional outlay you may need to invest.

The most popular hires for Autumn

As providers of plant and tool hire equipment for over 25 years, we have seen a pattern in the occurrence of hire tendencies, especially during the Autumn months. Let us share the most popular hires in Autumn that we have found and the reasons why.

Aerator hire

Aerator hire in autumn

What is an Aerator?

An aerator is a machine you use to create holes in the ground to help lawns grow. Aeration improves the compaction of soil and overall drainage of the surface. It is popular to aerate lawns during the autumn period to prepare the ground for the winter months.

Benefits of Aeration

  • Allows the roots to grow deeper
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Reduces the accumulation of straws
  • Improves soil permeability
  • Improves drainage, reducing the risk of fungal diseases
  • Improves air exchange between soil and the atmosphere

Scarifier hire

Scarifier hire in autumn

What is a scarifier?

Scarifier or lawn dethatchers remove layers of thatch that has built up on the lawn that you are working with. Thatch is an organic matter that builds up in the lawn pile throughout the growing and maintaining season. However, using a scarifier removes this unwanted thatch, allowing the lawn to breathe. It is popular to use this machine during the Autumn season when lawn cutting is at a bare minimum, preparing the ground for the winter months.

Benefits of scarifying

  • Removes harmful levels of thatch
  • Prunes grass roots to encourage growth
  • Allows water to reach the soil
  • Allows air to reach the sward
  • Allows nutrients to reach the grass plants
  • Removes moss and dead weeds
  • Reduces the likelihood of future moss problems
  • Improves the health of your lawn
  • Refreshes tired or poor-quality lawns
  • Good preparation for over-seeding

Ride-on mower hire

Ride on mower hire in autumn

Ride on mowers are a larger design than their little brothers the push rotary mower. These machines cut grass on a large scale. Their rotary decks are able to cut more grass at one time, resulting in far less need for effort from the operator to complete cutting large areas of ground. Meanwhile, the ride on factor removes all manual labour from the job.

Benefits of ride-on mower

  • Shorter time mowing
  • Less stress on the operator
  • Ability to tow from job to job
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • Saves money in the long run

Flail mower hire

Walk behind flail mower hire in autumn

Flail mowers are garden/agricultural machinery that cut and manage heavier grass and shrub areas where a lawnmower cannot cope. Unlike a standard garden mower, these machines operate by a horizontal drum spinning parallel to the ground with numerous amounts of blades (knives) attached. As a result, flail mowers are popular to cut down rough terrain grass and shrubs in preparation for the winter months.

Benefits of a flail mower

  • Designed to reduce the amount of flying debris whilst in operation
  • Can be angled to accommodate banks and grasslands.
  • Power- these machines can be PTO attachments on tractors.

Electric Scissor Lift Hire

Scissor lift hire in autumn

Electric scissor lifts are machines to help people work safely at height. Their anatomy consists of a series of crisscross-style extendable arms that fold and extend. Resulting in their platform sitting on top of the crisscross arms and is raised when the arms are extended. These machines are ideal and safer than using a ladder. Above all else, these machines are used for the erection of festival events during the Autumn season.

Benefits of electric scissor lifts

  • Compact designs for use in and outdoors
  • Work at a range of heights
  • Easily transported
  • Safe for operators to work at a height

Tower Lighting Hire

Tower lighting hire for events in autumn

Tower lights are mobile pieces of equipment fitted with multiple powerful bulbs that can be raised to illuminate an area. Most models are used in construction and events to provide safety lighting for workers or the public. This is achieved by their extendable masts that hoist the lights which are operated from the ground. These machines tend to be diesel-powered, running off a generator built into the machine. These machines are extremely common during the autumn in events and on construction sites.

Benefits of a Tower Light

  • Tower lights are easy and quick to set up.
  • They are extremely portable and are fitted with led towing lights to attach to the rear of a vehicle.
  • Tower lights offer a huge amount of light coverage for long periods.
  • LED bulbs offer 80% more efficiency.
  • Very versatile for all types of operations.

Telehandlers Hire

Telehandler hire in autumn

Telehandlers are 4-wheeled drive machines that offer a telescopic forklift. These machines are highly valuable to move items in and around a construction or events site. Their unique design allows them to lift, place, and move items with ease. Their booms can reach in excess of 10m, hence why they are used in most construction and event scenarios. These machines are often used throughout the autumn months for their boost in productivity, versatility and 4-wheel drive capabilities.

Benefits of a Telehandler

  • Versatile machines with multiple attachments to suit the application.
  • High load capacities to extreme heights.
  • Off-road 4×4 driving.
  • Different ranges of telehandlers to suit requirements.

Tracked barrow hire

Tracked barrow hire in autumn

Tracked barrows are small wheelbarrow-type machines, mounted on rubber tracks. With load capacities of up to 1000kg, they are a highly efficient way of navigating uneven terrains without causing surface damage. On the other hand, their design offers a hydraulic tip to remove loads with ease. Some designs even offer a hi-tip option for offloading into a skip. These machines are popular to hire during the autumn due to their sensitivity to the ground. With increasing wet weather during the autumn and winter seasons, this machine allows operators and projects to keep moving.

Benefits of a tracked barrow

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Speed up projects
  • Reduce manual handling hours
  • Reduce surface damage
  • Navigate uneven terrain with ease

If you are looking to take advantage of all the financial hire benefits with the most popular hires for autumn 2022, then trusting in the right fleet will make all the difference. WHC Hire offers some of the latest grounds maintenance, construction and events hire equipment on the market. With depots in Worcester, Tewkesbury and Chipping Norton, our ever-expanding fleet tailors to needs of our customers and strives to always increase productivity and safety in the workplace. For more information, see our online catalogue or speak to a member of our team today about your autumn hire needs.