Essential Plant Equipment For Event Hire.

Holding large events, especially outdoors, can bring several challenges during all phases of the project. Once a date is set for the event to begin, there is a huge amount of time and preparation that goes into producing the final product. This can take up to if not more than 12 months in advance, depending on the frequency of the event. One key ingredient to the success of an event is having the right plant equipment to hire to help. This ensures you meet your deadlines, remain compliant with health and safety guidelines, work smarter and overall be more productive.

Plant hire used in the events industry is very similar to how it is used in construction. The use of various machinery or equipment can allow you to complete tasks faster, reduce manual handling and overall be far more efficient.

What is the definition of plant equipment in event hire?

Plant equipment can be defined as machinery, equipment or apparatus that is designed for commercial and industrial applications.“Plant” refers to the use on a construction site.

Simply put, machinery such as diggers, dumpers, forklifts, portable units etc…

Event organisers tend to use construction equipment to maximise their efforts and reduce the physical preparations of delivering an event.

Understanding plant equipment in various stages of event production

There are generally three main stages of event production that plant equipment is commonly used in:

Planning Pre-Event

Planning and preparation are always key to the success of any project. Plant equipment is generally used to help prepare and maintain the ground, erect temporary structures such as stages etc. The list of uses goes on and on, depending on your specific requirements. Plant equipment can also be used indoors if necessary.

During Event

During an events operation, plant equipment can be used to house security and first aid, provide safety for attendees, and enable safe internal logistics.

Post Event

The use of plant equipment in post-delivery of an event is extremely beneficial especially if you are working to a tight deadline. This could be because you are renting the space or need to relocate to another location to deliver another.

What type of plant machinery to expect to hire for an event?

Each event has its own requirements depending on its overall size and capacity. However, with over 20 years of providing equipment to event organisations, there is some correlation across the board.

Here are some examples of equipment and applications used in the events industry:

Rough Terrain Forklift

Rough terrain forklifts are designed to transport heavy loads across uneven ground. Originally designed for construction site use, these machines have made their way into the events industry since their first production. Common applications are loading and unloading lorries, towing small site trailers, lifting.

Uses: Loading/unloading lorries, moving equipment around site.

Stages of Event: Pre delivery/ Construction, Dismantle, Post Delivery


Also known as a telescopic handler, have become one of the most popular pieces of equipment to hire for the duration of an event. Their extensive flexibility allows users to have the benefit of multiple different attachments to suit a project. Along with high levels of lift capabilities, this 4-wheeled drive machine is the perfect all-round machine for the construction of stages, loading and unloading lorries, high-level platforms and much more.

Uses: Loading/unloading lorries, moving other equipment around event site, temporary structure construction

Stages of Event: All stages of event delivery.

Scissor lifts

These machines are electrically powered and used for reaching heights that may not be possible otherwise. Their ability to work both indoors and outdoors makes them ideal for a wide range of event hire. Their main application is for stage construction, audio, and frame installation, viewing platforms and more. Scissor lifts can be used for all types of working at height, but ONLY on EVEN ground.

Uses: Installation of equipment at height, viewing platform, dismantling at height.

Stages of Event: All stages of event delivery.


The use of excavators in events is less uncommon, however instead of being used for their digging capabilities, event organisations choose to use them for their lifting capabilities. Excavators offer an alternative to using a large crane. Their steel or rubber tracks allow them to work on types of off-road terrains, making them a perfect component for the construction of temporary structures.

Uses: Installation of equipment at height, lifting, uneven ground lifting.

Stages of Event: Pre delivery and post dismantle.

Compact Tractors

It is common for pop-up weekend events to occur in the middle of a field. We have all seen the likes of some of the largest in the country such as Glastonbury. One of the most common pieces of equipment to be used throughout the whole duration of such outdoor events is a compact tractor. Compact tractors are an ideal choice for all phases of event hire. They can be used to maintain grass areas, offer 4×4 off-road towing capabilities and more.

Uses: Ground maintenance prior and post event, towing offroad.

Stages of Event: All stages of event delivery.


If you’re considering running an event of any type. One major factor that 99% of all events require is power. Generators offer a portable power outlet that can be used anywhere. These machines are available in several sizes to suit different requirements. This could depend on the amount of power your site equipment requires to run. Or how many people you could have attended. If you’re not sure what generator you might need for your event. Speak to a plant hire specialist to help you find the right size or number of generators you may require. Generators are generally used throughout the whole event project.

Uses: Provide power to event.

Stages of Event: All stages of event delivery.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are a common way of providing heat to a temporary outdoor structure. This could be in the form of a Marquette or well-ventilated areas. These machines offer an adjustable heat output and are gas-powered, meaning they can work in the most remote of places. It is very unlikely that you might choose to use a space heater during the construction phase of an event, unless there is a specific reason to do so. An example of this could be during the construction phases of an event in winter.

Uses: Provide heat

Stages of Event: Mainly during the operation stage of event.

Welfare units

Eco fusion Mobile Welfare Unit

Welfare units are extremely important piece of plant equipment that is used throughout the whole duration of an event. Welfare units provide a recreation area for the staff of the event and can be used as a security office or first aid area. These pieces of equipment offer a well-heated, enclosed, resting area with running water and toilet facilities. Overall, they are the ideal portable workspace. Depending on the size of the unit you require, their portability is limited. However, some welfare models can be portable.

Uses: Provide shelter/recreation/offices.

Stages of Event: All stages of event.

Security fencing

One major piece of plant equipment that you can expect to hire is security fencing. This could be one of the first and last temporary structures that you install and remove. These metal fencing panels fit together, offering an anti-climb deterrent to intruders. This can be used to secure your event site or to protect machinery while it is left overnight. Theses security panels come in lengths of 3.5m and need to be secure with clamps to hold them together. When researching for a quote for security fence hire, expect to know your overall distance, and the number of clamps and feet you will require.

Uses: Provide safety or security barrier

Stages of Event: All stages of event.


Event lighting is extremely important to provide a safe working and operating space. Event tower lighting is normally used to provide a large amount of illumination to an area. Tower lights are powered by their built-in generator and can range in several different sizes. These essential pieces of equipment are used throughout the whole event delivery. You may require quite a few of these machines to achieve the illumination that you require. Speak to a plant hire specialist if you are unsure how many tower lights you might need.

Uses: Provide lighting to event site.

Stages of Event: All stages of event.

Where to hire your equipment for event hire?

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