6 Most Popular Tools To Hire in Worcester

Tool hire can be a difficult arena to navigate, especially if it is something you are not entirely confident with. However, don’t fear, we are here to help you steer the ship to discovering the 6 most popular tools to hire in Worcester.

Tool hire is the process of obtaining a piece of equipment without having to purchase it outright. Then, to simply return to your supplier once completed your project. The overall cost of hire is determined by the duration and the equipment’s value.

This method of getting your hands on the required tools is very appealing to some, as it does come with several unique benefits:

  • Very cost-effective
  • Access to higher-quality equipment
  • Low maintenance
  • No large initial outlay
  • Pay for what you use
  • No end-of-life disposal

However, it is fair to note that hiring equipment is not everyone’s choice of getting hold tools. Some people and/or businesses would prefer to purchase their tools rather than hiring them. This allows them to have far more control over the equipment overall. Nevertheless, choosing to hire tools instead of purchasing can work in favour of many. See our Buy vs. Hire Equipment resource here.

Who offers tools to hire in Worcester?

WHC Hire Services

WHC Hire Services logo design

WHC Hire Services began trading at Shrub Hill, Worcester back in 1997, hiring out small tools and small 1.5t diggers. In 2002, we purchased new premises at Bath Road, Worcester, where we increased the fleet of small tools from cement mixers, cleaning equipment, pumps, heaters, dehumidifiers, drills, saws and gardening equipment.

We also increased the size of excavators available to 3.5T, up to 3T dumpers, rollers, ride-on mowers, etc. We covered all the local areas and villages and supplied to the local tradesman, construction companies, local council and DIY customers. A dedicated focus on health and safety and all equipment is maintained to the highest standard and is issued with relevant certification and service cards. As we have grown, we have purchased and set up new depots in Tewkesbury 2012 and Chipping Norton 2017, as well as massively extended the fleet available for hire both small tools, equipment, and plant machinery.

Most popular tools to hire in Worcester

To help you discover the most popular tools to hire in Worcester, we delve deep look into our 25 years of trading in and around the city.

Wacker plate


Wacker plates are one of the most popular tools to hire in Worcester. These highly portable tools are small enough to be lifted safely into the rear of a vehicle for commercial or DIY projects. Wacker plates can weigh up to 160kg, therefore you need to take the necessary precautions when transporting and lifting them. Wacker plates exhort a compacting vibrating downward force that is used to stabilise loose stone and soil in foundations. The compaction forces ground particles closer together, causing them to increase in strength. Allowing you then to construct on top of the compacted surface safely.

Wacker plates go by many names, such as compactors, vibrating plates, compacting plates, etc. They are used in most aspects of construction, from laying a new patio to a new home’s foundations. These machines are very popular to hire because they are generally only used for one aspect of construction. As they are extremely portable, they require minimal planning to get to site and are very easy to use. Expect to pay from £22.50 +VAT per day to hire a wacker plate.

Cement mixers


Another very popular tool to hire in Worcester is the cement mixer. These highly productive machines can disassemble small enough to be transported in the back of a standard hatchback car. Operated either by petrol or electricity, customers generally have a choice to meet their requirements if stock availability allows. Cement mixers are extremely important tools to hire to aid operates to make mixes for the construction of buildings and hardstanding flooring.

Cement mixers are known as concrete mixers and are regularly used by builders during the early phases of construction. The drum of the cement mixer rotates, mixing the materials that are added inside it. These tools are very popular to hire as they are extremely cheap to hire, far less than purchasing one. You should expect to pay around £26.00+ VAT per week to hire a cement mixer in Worcester.

Demolition hammer

Heavy duty Makita hammer

Demolition hammers have become an increasingly popular choice of tool to hire for commercial and DIY projects. These portable hammers are ideal for several applications, such as indoor and outdoor work. They can be used to break concrete or even demolish a brick wall. These machines are 110V, electric powered and require a transformer to operate them. The transformer reduces the mains power down the 110V to prevent any life-threating accidents should the worst-case scenario is to happen. These hammers are essential when undertaking any type of demolition.

When hiring a demolition hammer, you should expect to receive a choice of chisels to use to aid your project. To discover more about breaker chisels and the right fit for you, see this resource. Demolition hammers are popular to hire as they start from on £18.50+VAT per day to hire. These tools are expensive to purchase and therefore more commonly hired. It is always important to never settle for equipment that is poorly maintained or that does not hold a vibrational testing record. Demolition hammers come in a range of sizes, depending on their required application. See more here.

Micro Diggers

Micro digger hire Kubota U10-5 stage V photo 3

Micro digger hire is one of the most popular methods of getting hold of an excavator in Worcester. These small excavators that are ideal for landscaping small areas, or to be used in confined areas. The city centre of Worcester offers the ideal setting and environment for these machines to be operated. These machines are small enough to pass through a standard door frame and are extremely simple to operate.

When hiring a micro digger, it should could be available with a small range of different buckets to aid you in your excavation project. A grading bucket, ditching or digging bucket, and a trenching bucket. You can familiarise yourself with these buckets here. Micro diggers need be transported on a trailer to their operating destination but will come well under the 3.5T towing limit. Expect to pay £75.00 +VAT per day or £210.00+VAT per week for the hire of a micro digger in Worcester.

Pressure washers

Pro 3800 petrol pressure washer

Pressure washers may not be your first thought when it comes to tool hire in Worcester. Nevertheless, these highly productive machines are extremely popular pieces of equipment to hire. Unlike purchasing a brand-new pressure washer, hiring a machine like this comes at a very small price starting from £27.00+VAT per day. Pressure washers are the ideal choice for both commercial and home DIY applications.

They come in a range of power methods, which makes them very flexible depending on where they are required. These industrial pressure washers are common favourites for cleaning, patio restoration, car jet washing and more. All models of pressure washer you can hire in Worcester should be able to fit in the rear of a standard hatchback car. Do not lift some models on your own, always have assistance to do so.

Floor sander

Possibly the most popular tool to hire in Worcester must be the floor sander. These specially designed machines operate a sander and hoover combined. As operators pass the rotating belt across the working surface, the floor sander collects the dust in its supporting bag. The floor sander can be fitted with the correct sandpaper to meet the need of the finish you require. Using this machine saves a huge amount of time compared to doing the surface by hand.

Floor sanders are extremely appealing to hire, firstly because of their inexpensive to do so, but more so their effectiveness. You should expect to pay around £29.00+VAT per day for a floor sander to hire in Worcester. These sanders are ideal for both commercial and DIY projects of all sizes.

What do you need to hire tools in Worcester?

Hiring tools is a simple procedure to organise, but insuring you have everything you need to do so is extremely important.

To hire any type of tools in Worcester from any supplier, you will require two forms of identification. This must be any of the following:

  • Copy of driving licence
  • Passport
  • Utility bill

It is also your responsibility to organise temporary insurance cover for the machinery in case it is damaged or stolen while in your procession. You will be required to complete an application form for the hire of the equipment.

If hiring tools for commercial reasons, then you may want to consider opening a trade account with your supplier. Trade accounts take longer to open, as there is far more information involved. These also require a credit check to be conducted, which will provide your supplier with a recommended amount of credit to offer. Always allow up to 7 days to have access to a trade account.


If you don’t wish to open a trade account with your tool hire supplier in Worcester, you will be expected to pay a security deposit on the equipment. This is then refunded back to you when the machinery is returned in satisfactory working order.

Deposits can be anything up to, or in excess of 3 weeks hire charge, depending on the supplier. You should always contact your supplier directly to receive an up-to-date deposit quotation prior to organising the equipment. Deposits are there just in case the worst-case scenario happens.

Tools to hire in Worcester by WHC Hire

Since 1997, WHC Hire Services has been providing residence and businesses in Worcester and the surrounding areas with high-quality tool and plant hire. Our centrally located depot stocks a huge amount of building, gardening, access, heating and woodworking equipment and more. WHC prides itself on its passion, quality, commitment and care; it upholds for every customer, no matter the size of their project.

To find out more information about the tools you have seen available here and more, visit our local depot or call 01905356075


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