Reaching New Heights: Telehandler Hire in Gloucestershire Demystified

So, you find yourself in need of a telehandler hire in Gloucestershire? Well, for all its natural beauty architecture and stoney hillside villages, this famous county poses plenty of challenges in the agricultural and construction sectors. Telehandlers have for a long time been the answer to a wide range of projects within this Gloucestershire area, and for the forcible future, will continue to do so.  

Before you jump straight into the deep end with hiring any old machine, we have put together this resource to help. The information in this article will cover a range of common questions that we have experienced while supplying telehandler hire in Gloucestershire for over 25 years. By sharing this knowledge, we can hope to help you clear out any uncertainties in machine selection, set a standard of expectations, uncover common manufacturers used and prepare you for your telehandler delivery.

Remember that no matter where you choose to hire your equipment from, you can use this information any county or supplier in the UK. If you are new to telehandler hire; you may wish to see the benefits of hiring a telehandler first to see if this machine is suitable. Click here to read this article first.

Things to consider when hiring a telehandler

Hiring a telehandler can be one of the best decisions you can make for your project. They are a minimal expense for the levels of productivity, speed and safety they can bring to any project. However, when choosing the right telehandler for your project, there are a few key factors you should consider before making your final decision:

  • Power source
  • Lifting capabilities
  • Operators visibility
  • Comforts
  • Attachments

Power source

telehandler engine from JCB
Telehandler engine from JCB

There is a wide range of different powered telehandlers on the market. With the evolution of combustible engines, we are likely to see other alternative options available in the future. However, it is worth noting that the most common powered machines are still diesel. When choosing a telehandler, you should try to opt for machinery with the cleanest and most economical engines available. In this case, you should be considering a stage V emissions machine for the best results. Not all plant hire suppliers offer stage V engines in their telehandlers to hire. You should be sure to check for your own benefit.

Lifting capabilities

telehandler engine from JCB
Telehandler engine from JCB

There is no doubt that one reason you’ll need the use of telehandler is because of its lifting capabilities. It is vital that you have a machine that can lift the weight you are working with. Telehandler designs alter depending on the machine’s reach and lift capabilities. If you fail to choose the wrong size telehandler, you could cost yourself money, time and delays. It is always worth overestimating and choosing a machine that is suitable for the working area.

Operators’ visibility

6m telehandler
6m telehandler hire in Gloucestershire

It is important to note that operators’ safety is essential when using lifting equipment. Especially when the cabin of a telehandler sits directly below the telescopic forks of the machine. Some telehandlers are better designed than others when it comes to operator visibility. This is completely dependent on the manufacturer and type of telehandler you choose. Some machines only offer limited visibility that may be unsuitable for certain operations such as road driving.


If you intend to use a telehandler for long periods of the day, you need to make sure that the machine is comfortable to do so. Assessing alternative types of machinery on the market is essential to choosing the right telehandler for your project. Look out for comforts such as air conditioning, heated seats, sun visors etc. It is always worth seeing the machinery first-hand before committing.


The final consideration you should make when considering hiring a telehandler in Gloucestershire is the required attachments you will need. Telehandlers benefit from being highly versatile machines, gifting them the ability to aid in a wide range of tasks. This sometimes requires an alternative attachment to be connected to the boom. For example, the two most common attachments for a machine are a bucket and forks.

Common manufacturers used on telehandler hire in Gloucestershire

Each and every telehandler hire supplier in Gloucestershire will have their own ideas around which manufacture is best suited for their clients. However, in essence, each and every telehandler available to hire will have its own pros and cons regardless. The most common manufacturers used by hire companies in the south-west is as follows:


Telehandlers JCB

“JCB has been pioneering the telehandler concept since 1977 and constant innovation has helped us remain the world’s No.1 choice. Today, the JCB Loadall range is one of the most extensive in the world, offering the very highest levels of performance and productivity with world-beating build quality, unrivalled comfort and high residual values.”

JCB Website

Do you need a licence to hire a telehandler?

One very popular question around telehandlers is training and licenses to operate one of these machines if you are hiring it.

You do not need to produce an operator licence for a telehandler to hire one from a supplier. There is no UK law that prevents a telehandler from being used on private land without previous training. However, in a commercial setting, you may well be required to prove competency of operation.

This is a requirement set out by construction companies and within the fine print of most insurance policies. NPORS & CSCS are the two most recognised skills recognition schemes throughout the UK. We highly advise that regardless of the equipment you should always adhere to the safety information provided along with a hired telehandler. If you intend to use a telehandler regularly, we recommend seeking a training course on the machinery. This will increase your knowledge of the machinery and help you protect yourself and others while operating.

Delivery of lifting equipment

Telehandler delivery in Gloucestershire

Now that you have finally decided on the size, lift capacity manufacturer and supplier of the telehandler you need, it’s time to prepare for delivery. As these machines can weigh huge amounts, the most common way to get these machines to site is to have them delivered by your plant hire supplier.

If you wish to move machinery of this size or larger, you are going to need to have the equipment to do so. Without investment in potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds to do so, paying a delivery charge is the most cost-efficient route. However, if you can move equipment yourself, then you should speak directly to your supplier to discuss the best form of collection.

When preparing for a telehandler delivery, you should ensure that you have enough space for a large lorry to enter and exit safely. However, sometimes access for a large lorry is not available. If this is the case, contact your hire supplier prior to ordering it. This will allow time to plan the safest route for the machinery and avoid any delays. Hazards telehandlers need to be aware of when being delivered are overhead cables, low bridges, and small tight country roads unsuitable for long vehicles.

Once the lifting equipment has been delivered, it is important to ask your supplier to demonstrate the equipment to you. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the machine, even if you have used a similar one previously.

The same process for delivering a telehandler is not to different from delivering a large excavator. For more delivery information that you can use for both, check out this resource!

Inside A 9m JCB Telehandler

9m Telehandler Closer look

Telehandler suppliers in Gloucestershire

Telehandlers to hire in Gloucestershire
Telehandlers to hire in Gloucestershire

With a large demand for construction and agricultural equipment throughout the whole of Gloucestershire, there are many local and national plant hire suppliers to help meet your needs. If you decide a JCB telehandler is a suitable machine for your project, then WHC Hire in Tewkesbury can help you get the job done. With our large fleet of high-performance JCB telehandlers and rough-terrain forklifts, we are guaranteed to have the right machine for you.

For more information and specs on the high-performance, low-hours machinery we offer, click here to get started.

Alternatively, give our Gloucestershire depot a call to get your equipment dispatched today on 01684377977.

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