Why Articulated Dumpers Are So Popular In All Aspects Of Construction?

 If you are planning to move either a large number of materials or earth, chances are you may need an articulated dumper. These unique machines are extremely popular throughout several industries, but no more so than in the construction sector. Articulated dumpers that are used in construction play an extremely key role in the succession of a project’s completion.

An articulated dumper has the power, durability, and flexibility to assist operators in completing their projects, no matter the weather or terrain. In this exclusive resource, we are going to share with you why articulated dumpers are so popular in all aspects of construction. In addition, we will touch on some benefits of using one, hire costs and what we believe to be the best manufacturer on the market.

What is an articulated dumper truck?

An articulated dumper truck is a machine that is designed to move materials and earth from one place to another around a building site. We are pretty sure that you have humongous designs of these machines while researching them. But how do articulated dumpers fare from other design models?

Articulated dumper trucks work differently to their fixed chassis big brothers, even though these machines can come in enormous sizes. The biggest obvious difference is the machine consists of two separate parts. One that houses the skip or carriage element and a separate part consisting of an engine and cabin/driving position.

why articulated dumpers are so popular Thwaites dumper diagram

No matter what type or size of articulated dumper you may use, they all consist of these two separate parts that are connected by an articulated joint. It is very common for larger articulated dumpers weighing above 10 tonnes to have their skip at the rear of the machine. Dislike small articulated dumpers, whose skips are more commonly found at the front of the machine. No matter their design, these machines all have a common use in construction.

What are articulated dumpers used for in construction?

Articulated dumpers are used for many areas of construction, such as landscaping, site clearing, new developments, highway maintenance and construction, utilities installation and more. If any type of excavation or material movement is required on an uneven surface, an articulated dumper can offer a highly productive solution to the task.

The articulated joint in these dumpers makes them far more flexible pieces of machinery, especially when working in more built-up areas. There is a huge amount of choice in terms of size of these machines between 1 tonne and 10 tonnes in weight. This gives operators the ability to maximise their productivity depending on their project’s access.

How are articulated dumpers work?

Articulated dumpers work by flexing their joint holding the skip and tailer components together. This causes the machines to turn in tight circles and navigate over very rough terrains. The articulated joint is powered by hydraulic ramps that are attached to the steering wheel. Depending on the size and style of the articulated dumper, affects the positioning of the machine’s skip component.

It is essential to note that large skip loads of material should be safely and correctly transported around a building site. Even though articulated dumpers are designed to offer higher levels of flexibility, incorrect or overloading can make them susceptible to tipping.

Benefits of using an articulated dumper truck in construction

Using an articulated dumper truck throughout construction projects offers users several benefits, such as:

Tight turning circle

As articulated dumpers compromise of two separate joined components; compared to a fixed chassis machine, it offers much tighter turning circles. This means that the machine can navigate through much tighter spaces, much faster. This allows the operator to be far more productive during working hours.

More precise

With the added benefit of a tighter turning circle, articulated dumpers used in construction can be far more precise when operating them. This, in turn, reduces the chances of accidents happening. Be that to surrounding objects or staff on site.


Articulated dumpers are by far the most versatile design of dumper to be used across all sectors in construction. Their ability to work in the most open or tightest of spaces, as well as over the roughest terrains, makes these one of the most sort out pieces of equipment on the market.

Off-road capabilities

Articulated dumpers have the added benefit of having ample ground clearance, which prevents the machine from getting stuck. These types of dumpers are also fitted with rough terrain tyres which support their design with extra ground clearance. The tyres also provide the machine with the required grip and traction to operate on and off the road. 

Design features

Just like the evolving industry that uses articulated dumpers, so to have the machines themselves changed. It is common to find a range of dumpers that offer various operator features designed to boost productivity. For example, some models offer a swivel tip feature, allowing operators to offload in a 180-degree radius. Ideal for tipping on the size of roads in tight spaces.

Examples of tasks articulated dumpers are used for?

Articulate dumpers can be used for almost every single job that requires transporting material. Providing the skip does not have holes in it. They can also transport liquid materials as well. Nevertheless, here is a list of job you can expect to use an articulated dumper for in a range of sectors:


Construction sites of all types, from residential developments to industrial installations to highway and pipeline tunnel projects, use articulated dump trucks to carry materials and remove excavated debris, such as dirt, rocks, stumps and downed trees.


Quarries regularly use articulated dumpers to carry, and transport excavated or blasted rock. As quarry floors are uneven, the articulated feature of these machines makes them ideal for transport over the terrain.


As these types of dumpers are ideal for even the smallest of applications, they can be used indoors or underground. Which makes them perfect for jobs such as mining. This allows operators to extract minerals and ore easily and transport them out of their excavation site.

Any type of material handling

An articulated dumper can be used in all types of material handling in all construction areas. These machines can reduce manual handling, boost productivity, and increase site safety.

Hire cost examples of articulated dumpers

One of the most popular ways to get an articulated dumper for construction projects is to hire one. Hiring a dumper is a cost-effective way to increase your site’s productivity, no matter your project size.

As we have mentioned before, there are several size machines available to hire on the market. This means you can be very specific when it comes to selecting the right articulated dumper for you. The vast number of articulated dumpers that are hired by construction companies are between 1 tonne and 9 tonnes in weight. Why? Because these machines are the most versatile and excellent value for money. You should expect to pay around £258.00 +VAT per week to hire a 9-tonne articulated dumper.  

Best in class: Thwaites dumpers

The Warwickshire based, family run business Thwaites dumpers holds the synonymous name of “best quality dumpers on the market”. The chance are that if you are hiring your machinery from a reputable supplier, then you may well end up with a Thwaites dumper.

“Thwaites advanced design and investment in tooling provide today’s customers with the very best products at the cutting edge of technology. This means more than just the strength and reliability you know you can expect from Thwaites; it means an increased focus on customer satisfaction, safety and ergonomics across the range.”

Originally an agricultural manufacturer, the journey of thwaites dumpers to the top has been one which spans nearly 90 years. Designing an innervating new and different ideas that makes them so popular throughout the construction industry. The machines themselves offer several features, such as power swivel and hip tip options to choose from. More recently, thwaites have fitted their dumpers with stage V diesel engines to reduce emissions and improve performance. This means that operators can get the same performance that they can always rely on, with far more economical running costs.

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Where can you hire articulated dumpers for use in construction?

Articulated dumpers that are used in construction are quite common equipment to hire. Choosing a reputable brand such as Thwaites can give you some support in your decision. However, the manner in which the equipment is maintained and supplied can make all the difference. After all, all machinery has an expiry date.

WHC Hire Services has been supplying articulated thwaites dumpers to construction companies, civil engineers and the ever-growing industry. With a regular investment, into the quality and size of our fleet, we can offer customers a large range of thwaites dumpers to get the job done. From 1 T to 9 T dumpers are available from three of our locations in the UK. We are ready on hand to deliver the equipment you need. Call 01684377977 or click here to see our large range of thwaites stage v dumpers.

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