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Fence Post Puller

The Fence Master®, Fence Post Puller is designed to take the strain and hard work out of removing fence posts of all shapes and sizes.  You can extract posts with heavy concrete footings in minutes, simply attach the machine to the fence post you need to remove and operate the hydraulic lever to apply up to 4000kg of force to the fence post, to pull it from the ground. The machine is fitted with strong wheels meaning you can wheel the fence post away afterwards.

This fence post puller removes poles with black concrete foundations, this job can be done within minutes. With a pulling force of 4000 kg, the Fence Master® removes bases and bases with a diameter of up to 600 mm.

The M730 post puller is standard equipped with a manually operated hydraulic pump and is fully self-contained.


Simple and easy to use.

Speed up post removal. 

Works in soil and concrete. 

Remove bases up to 600mm

Postpuller M730 User Instructions

Fence Post Puller Details

  • Max. diameter footing600 mm
  • Max pulling force4000 kg
  • DriveManual
  • TechnicsHydraulic

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