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Petrol Log Splitter (Oxdale SE400)

This highly portable log splitter from Oxdale, runs off its own independent Honda GX200 petrol engine and dual-speed hydraulic pump. Combined with its unique axe head, the SE400 offers a 10-tonne capacity ram to be fitted, making splitting fast, easy, and safe. Resulting in one of the most powerful petrol log splitters on the market.

The Petrol log splitter allows you to split all wood species up to 18” in length, with no restrictions on diameter. Only what you can safely lift onto the large waist-height splitting table. The splitting wedge is specially designed, forged, hardened, and has a double chamfered to give the best splitting action available on the market. This machine is ideal for both professional and DIY operators, turning a normally very dangerous task, into one that is safer and less stressful on the body.

The petrol log splitters dual lever system ensures that all hands are removed from the workbench when splitting. Resulting in being one of the safest wood processing rentals available in the UK. Operators should expect a cycle time of fewer than 10 seconds for each decent and retract of the ram through timber.  

Petrol Log Splitter Manual

Petrol Log Splitter (Oxdale SE400) Details

  • Dimensions Floor to Table720mm
  • Width wheel to wheel840mm
  • Height 1960mm
  • Table Width 610mm
  • Weight95kg
  • Max Operating Pressure3625 psi/250 bar
  • Fuel Consumption1.9 l/hr
  • Ram Bore Diameter60mm
  • Noise Level<104db

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