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6′ Tracked Woodchipper (Först TR6 42hp)

This 6’ tracked woodchipper from Först offers powerful and efficient chipping for all tree species throughout the UK. Operated by an aggressive, fuel-efficient 42hp Doosan DPF diesel engine, the Först TR6 offers customers some highest performance woodchipping on the market. The TR6 is built for the professional contractor, to be able to manoeuvre the machine on the roughest of terrains. Overall…reducing the amount of manhandling of debris an operator has to do.

In addition, this professional tracked woodchipper offers high-speed tracking. It is fitted with a wide hopper offering 6’ x 8’ chipping dimensions, far larger than some of its competitors of a simpler machine. There is no comprise with the build quality of the Först ST6 as its steal outer panelling and attention to detail, makes for a specialised piece of equipment.

The TR6 42D also offers contractor’s stage V emissions engine which is EU compliant. This means that not only are operators getting high performance, efficiency and economy levels. But will produce far fewer emissions overall.

Features include

High-speed tracking

Stage V Emission Engine

High-performance 42hp Doosan engine

Roller aperture of 6’x 8’ 150mmx200mm

Först AutoIntelligence Control

Robust construction

Clear fuel tank

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6′ Tracked Woodchipper (Först TR6 42hp) Details

  • Weight1430kg
  • Roller Aperture6” x 8” / 150mm x 200mm
  • Height (with chute)2295mm
  • Length (hopper down)3405mm
  • Height (hopper up)2627mm
  • Width1182mm
  • Engine42hp Doosan
  • EmissionsStage V
  • FuelDiesel

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