WHC Introduces A New Excavator Attachment Line Up.

WHC Hire Services is proud to announce the arrival of 5 new excavator attachments available to hire from depots across the country. This all-new attachment line-up comes after a recent £1.5 Million investment in our 6T excavator range. In addition to providing the core foundations of market-leading excavator hire, WHC has chosen to invest in a range of new excavator attachments to further increase the productivity of its clients.

Available now for both our 6T and 9T is a hydraulic tilt grading bucket, grading beam roller and vibrating plate compactor.

In addition, WHC is also introducing a clamshell bucket, selector grab and vibrating plate compactor to our 14T28T large excavator range.

WHC has always stocked classic attachments for excavators over the 25 years of operating. However, with continuous innovation, comes an evolution in the way excavators are operated. The new excavator attachment line-up is designed to increase operator efficiency, reduce manual labour hours, conduct accurate and precise work and complete more with less equipment.

We are excited to get these attachments out into the field to further improve the way our clients operate.

MD James Clutterbuck said, “We are extremely excited to be introducing these new attachments to the WHC Hire fleet. With the introduction of a whole new range of class-leading excavators from Kubota, I wanted to offer our clients even more. Not only on these new machines, but on ones already residing in our extensive fleet. Excavator attachments have come a long way since the birth of WHC Hire and so too have operators. Introducing these new attachments gives clients the opportunity to safely speed up their projects, reduce the amount of equipment they hire overall, and in turn, reduce their overall hire costs. We are looking forward to hearing the feedback from our clients about them.”

See all our new excavator attachments here!

6T grading beam close up 6T tilt bucket close up Clamshell bucket Demarec DRG 14 WHC Hire