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9T Excavator

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Hello and welcome back to our excavator series

and in today’s video we’ve got our 9 tonne

¬†excavator with us and we’re going to

go through the full procedure of the

pressurizing, decompressurizing and

operation of one of our breakers. To

start with we need to get ourselves into

the machine to get running.

So we enter the machine using three

points of contact,

once comfortably in our seat

pop our seat belt so the excavator

can operate.

Now we can commence our start up our procedure to get

the breaker connected successfully.

First and foremost is we need to turn

the machine on.

turn the machine on to position two and

we drop our left arm armrest.

Engage our hydraulics by pressing key

code number one.

Now the machine is on we need to turn it

off with the left arm armrest down to

start the next sequence.

To begin the hydraulic auxiliary venting

again ensure that this armrest is down

turn the machine on to position one.

Engage the hydraulics when the onboard

computer has started.

Hit the auxiliary venting button number

one and confirm the command by the go to

button keypad code number one.

This will do the auxiliary venting for

you automatically.

We can then now turn off the machine and

exit it to couple the breaker hoses.

Now we’re ready to couple up the hoses

from the breaker to the machine simply

unravel them

and push them into them into the

auxiliary outputs.

Repeat the same process on the opposite


And now we’re ready to get ourselves

back into the machine to operate the

breaker ensure that again once again we

use three points of contact

to enter the machine.

And as soon as we’re in the machine to

pop our seat belt on.

Ensuring your left armrest is up.

And when we are ready to operate

the machine,drop your left

arm armrest, increase your revs

engage The hydraulics,

and position the breaker ready to use.

To operate the breaker we use the toggle

switch which can be found on the right

hand pilot control.

Once we’ve finished with the breaker we

need to put the breaker in the service


To begin the decompressurizing sequence

we need to ensure that before we turn

the machine off our left armrest stays

down and then key off. Once the machine

is off we’re going to turn the machine

back to position one, with the armrest

still in the same position.

Engage the hydraulics by pressing key

code number 1 and then beginning the

venting by pressing key code number

3 on the auxiliary one.

Confirm the command,

and allow the venting procedure to start.

Once the warning of the venting has

finished you are now able to detach the

hoses of the breaker.

Simply enter the exit the machine using

three points of contact.

To uncouple the hoses of the breaker

make sure that the slot Lines line up

with the bubble and simply lift

for them to detach.

It’s always best practice to roll up

your breaker hoses.

Repeat the process on the opposite side

of the machine.

You’ve successfully detached the breaker

from the excavator.

And there you go guys that is the

correct procedure to operate

depressurize and decompressurize a

breaker on one of our 9 Tonne

excavators. If you come into any problems

after choosing this video then please do

get in contact with your local Depot as

soon as possible. Thank you ever so much

for joining me and I’ll see you in the

next tutorial until then take care bye

bye for now

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