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Hello everyone and welcome back to our dumper series and with me today we’ve got one of our cabbed dumpers from Thwaites. Either the six or the nine tonne version. And in today’s video we’re going to go over all the aspects of this machine so you can familiarize yourself with all the components so you can get the most out of your hire.

To start with what we need to do is familiarize ourselves with the components on the outside of the machine before jumping into the cab to get started, so follow me.

So we’re going to start with the components on the outside of the machine beginning with the skip at the front. Then what we’ve got is our big off-roading tires. In the middle of the machine we’ve got our articulation point and articulating rams.

Bit further back before we get into the cabin we’ve got our stairwell. We’ve got our operator’s cab, mirrors and on top of the machine we’ve got our operating beacons which we’ll cover a bit more when we jump inside the cabin.

Please note that these machines are fitted with the latest FOPS and ROPS cabins that are required for the 2025 legislation. Now that’s all the main components of the outside we need to jump ourselves into the cabin to familiarize ourselves with all of our surroundings and all of our controls so we can get started. Follow me.

So on each side of the machine we’ve got a stairwell and we’ve also got some handles to assist us to get into the machine. Before so, we need to make sure we unlock the cab and secure the doors correctly on the side.  And then what we’re going to do is use these handles on the side of the cabin, and on the side of the operator seat to assist us with our three points of contact to enter the machine safely.

And welcome to your cabs dumper. Now the first thing that we need to do is ensure that we’re safe in the machine so we’re going to pop our seat belt on, that you’ll find on the right hand side. Now it’s important to note that the machine will not operate without that seat belt engaged and compliance is shown by the green beacon above you outside the cabin flashing when the machine is turned on.

So now we’re safe in our seat we need to make sure that our seat is comfortable so to adjust the seat we use the handlebar underneath the seat to move the seat backwards and forwards. And to adjust the rear of the seat is the handle bar just below your seat belt.

Now once your seat is nice and comfy we can now go over the other controls in front of you.

Directly in front of you is your steering wheel and steering knob that we use to control the machine. Behind that we’ve got our gear lever. To go forward we push the gear lever away from us. If we want to put the machine into neutral we put it in the middle. And then reverse is the gear lever towards you.

Below that we’ve got our machine’s horn and then just on the left hand side we’ve got our indicators for the machine.

Coming over to the middle underneath the steering wheel we’ve got our rear reverse camera which gives us 150° worth of view behind the machine.

Qnd also our heads up display to the right of that now. Underneath these controls on the left hand side we’ve got our headlights, we’ve got our DPF button, our ignition and finally on the right hand side we’ve got our hazards.

Now those are all of your controls that you’ve got on your heads up display. Down by your feet we’ve got our clutch peddle, on the left we’ve got our gear ratio lever as well. That’s used together with the clutch to engage the ratio of gear that we’d like to operate with.

Then over on the right hand side we’ve got our machine’s brake and then to the right of that is the accelerator.

Before entering the machine into forward or reverse gear ensure that your foot is firmly on the pedal to stop the machine from moving at all times. Once you’re ready slowly release your foot off the brake to begin the machine’s movement.

So those are all the key components that are in front of you let’s just have a look at the ones now that are on the operator seat. So on the right hand side we’ve got our handbrake.

To operate this, what we’re going to do is lift that silver ring up and lower the handbrake to release the brake. To engage the brake pull that silver ring up again and pull the lever towards you. And that’s how simple it is to operate the handbrake.

Now behind that on the right hand side is our operator’s comforts that we’ve got. So we’ve got our heater and also our windscreen wipers and fan.

Coming back over to left hand side we’ve got our skip controls. We lift up the skip by pushing the lever forward. We lower the skip by pulling it back towards us.

Now the six tonne dumpers are fitted with swivel skips and it can be operated with exactly the same lever. Push the lever to the left to turn the skip to the left, and pull it towards you to the right to turn the skip to the right.

And those are all of your basic controls that you’re going to find inside your tabs 6 or 9 tonne Thwaites dumpers from WHC Hire.

Now the final thing I need to show you is how to refuel the machine and to do so we’re going to have to exit the machine using three points of contact.

Now refueling the machine on these cab dumpers is really simple but you’re going to need that operator’s cabin door open. What we’re going to do is reach over to the operator seat and on the left-hand side, by one of the handles, is a lever that we going to push away from us to unlock the hatch of the side door of the machine.

This is going to expose part of the engine. And just in here is our fuel cap where you can refuel the machine.

Now please note that all WHC Hire equipment requires only white diesel only. Once you’re happy and have refilled the machine you can close your hatch by simply locking it into place.

And there you go guys that is a full handover video of one of our Thwaites six or nine-tonne dumpers from WHC Hire.

Now if you’re coming to any more issues whilst operating the machine feel free to access a wealth of free information by scanning the QR code that you’ll find inside the cabin. Or for any mechanical issues please get in contact with your local depot as soon as possible so we can help you get your machine up and running.

Thank you once again for joining me and until the next video take care and bye-bye for now.

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