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9T Excavator

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series

and in today’s video we’re with our 9 Tonne

excavator and what we’re going to do is

go through a full cabin walk through

with you so you can familiarize yourself

with the machine and it’s functions so you

can get the most out of your hire. To

start with we need to get ourselves into

the machine. Secure the door correctly as

we’ve always done

and then enter the machine using three

points of contact.

Sit down on your machine and the first thing

we need to do is just pop our seat belt

on before we go any further.

And now let’s have a little look at the

controls so we’ll start with the left

hand joystick. The left-hand joystick

controls the arm of the machine,

pushing the joystick away will cause the

arm to move further away from you

pulling it closer

we’ll bring the arm closer to the


The left hand joystick also controls the

turning of the machine. By choosing nine

o’clock on the joystick handle we’ll

turn the machine left

and on the other side

choosing three o’clock

we’ll turn the machine right pivoting on

exactly the same spot.

The left hand joystick also has an

operating button so you can switch

between your bucket and your attachment.

The right hand joystick controls the

boom of the machine. By pushing the

joystick forward we’ll further the boom

away from the cabin

pulling back will bring the boom closer.

Also in addition to controlling the boom

it also controls the bucket and we

control the bucket by crowning it and

uncrowding it by choosing either nine

o’clock to crowd the bucket,

or three o’clock to uncrowd the bucket.

You’ll also notice on this right hand

joystick we’ve got a number of buttons.

We’ve got a horn,

Auto idle set,

We’ve got our attachment toggle switch

and also we’ve got our slew.

And that’s our joystick controls .Now in

front of that we’ve got our track

controls. These levers control the tracks

underneath the machine can be operated

by the hands or also by the feet if

you’re doing long-distance tracking

across a site.

To the right of that, we’ve got our

heads-up display that will show us all

the information about the machine that

we need. Including the warnings if

there are any issues with the machine.

Moving back from that and down the right

hand side of the seat

we’ve got our dozer blade operator.This

lever, if we push it down or further away

from us we’ll lower the dozer blade

pulling it back towards us we’ll higher it.

You’ll also nptice that there is a fast

track button on top of the dozer blade

that you can press when you’re tracking

across large building sites. Behind that

we’ve got a controls to our onboard

computer system which allows us to up

the revs of the machine choose specific and

settings for the machine

to allow us to get more out of our

operation. And then behind that we’ve got

our keypad. The keypad is quite essential

into actually operating the machine and

let’s go over all the buttons one by one.

First of all we’ve got our go-to button

this is to operate the Hydraulics and

also to confirm a lot of the commands on

the machine. Number two allows us to

switch between a bucket and an


Number three and number four are

auxiliary outputs. Number five is our

lifting warning light which we can turn

on and off depending on what we’re doing

with the machine.

Number six is our auto idle. Number seven

and eight number seven being our


Number eight being our beacon light.

Number nine is our windscreen wiper.

Number zero is our quick hitch button.

And the last two commands we’ve got a

back button which is also a whole auto

heat button for the machine. and finally

The Tick to go button. Following that

we’ve got our operators comforts which

is we’ve got

our radio and also our built-in heater.

And that’s all the built-in features

that you’ll find in one of our 9 Tonne

excavators here at WHC Hire. Now

hopefully this will help you familiarize

yourself with the machine so you can get

more out of your hire. If you’re stuck in

finding any of the features or you need

any further assistance, please feel free

to check out our full tutorial videos

above for this machine or get in contact

with your local depot as soon as you

need us. Thank you every so much for joining me

and until the next video take care and

bye bye for now

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