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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series

here at WHC Hire. With me today we’ve

got our 9 Tonne excavator and we’re going to

show you how to correctly change the

bucket on this machine. To start with we

need to get ourselves into the machine

and get it running.

Once we’re first in the machine we need

to make sure that we pop our seat belt

on ensuring that our left arm armrest is

up to start the machine. Once the machine

is running we lower our left arm armrest

and engage the Hydraulics by pressing

button number one on the display panel.

Now to unlock the quick hitch

we press our code number zero and then

we confirm it by pressing the hydraulic

button number one.

What you’ll see now on your heads-up

display is that to unlock the bucket we

need to crowd the bucket all the way


You’ll also notice that on the boom the

red lights will start flashing as an

indication and a warning. From here we

want to pick the bucket up

itself and crowd it all the way back in

on itself.

And you’ll see the pins after about

three seconds unlock. Now the bucket is

unlocked and ready to be disengaged.

And to lock the quick hitch from here we

just simply press

number zero on the on the keypad

display and that locks the hitch. Now to

change your bucket

we simply just need to reopen the quick

hitch again itself by pressing zero,

followed by the confirm command on the

hydraulic button. We need to reopen the

hitch by holding the right-hand joystick

to nine o’clock.

And to re-lock the bucket

simply press zero. And just to confirm

that the bucket is correctly attached we

just need to do a simple test by putting

a little bit of pressure through it

to ensure that it’s correctly attached

to the excavator.

And there you go guys there is our full

tutorial on how to change one of our

buckets on one of our 9 Tonne

excavators if you’re having any more

problems when going through this

procedure then please feel free to get

in contact with your local depot as soon

as possible so we can get you up and

running. Thank you ever so much for

joining me and we look forward to

helping you in the next one take care

and bye bye for now

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