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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series.

And in today’s video we’re going to go

over the correct starter procedure for

one of our 9 Tonne JCB excavators. Now

this machine is slightly different to

the smaller excavator so it’s worth

paying attention to ensure that you get

the procedure correct so you can start

the machine quickly and get on with the


First and foremost we need to make sure

we get ourselves into the machine safely.

First of all we’re going to open the

door and lock it securely in place.

And now we’re going to use three points

of contact to enter the machine.

Now first of all once you as soon as

you’re in the machine sure that you pop

your seat belt on which can be found on

the right hand side otherwise the

machine will not start.

So we want to take our key and pop it

into the ignition.

Turn it to position one. Now the key is

in the ignition we need to enter our key

code to unlock the machine. We use the

key panel which is on the right hand

side and enter our pin code followed by

The tick key.

You’ll know if the key code is correct

and has been entered correctly by a

confirmation heads up on your dash.

From this place

the machine is now unlocked and ready to


Simply turn the key to position two

and the machine is running.

To start using the machine

you can lower your left arm armrest,

increase your revs by using the dial on

the right hand side,

and to activate the hydraulics

press the key code button number one.

Once you finish with the machine simply

turn the machine off using the ignition

and then exit the machine safely using

three points of contact.

And there you go guys there is our

start up procedure for one of our nine

ton excavators here at WHC Hire. Now if

you get stuck at any point getting the

machine started and this video hasn’t

helped troubleshoot any of the problems

that you’ve come across, then please get

in contact with your local depot as soon

as possible so we can get you up and

running. Thank you ever so much for

joining me and until the next video take

care bye for now.

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