How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Plant Hire Equipment?

One of the biggest obstacles when hiring plant equipment is directing it to the destination where you need it. Which begs the question, what is the cost to deliver plant hire equipment? Having a clear ideal of this will allow you to budget better when it comes to arranging machinery for your project.

In this article, we will help you understand all the factors and costs that you could incur when it comes to having plant hire equipment delivered.

How is plant equipment transported?

Plant equipment is transported by several different types of vehicles, designed to do so. If you are looking to hire any type of excavator, dumper, telehandler etc… It’s likely that your equipment will be delivered to you on one of the following vehicles:


For the smallest of plant equipment a transit can be used to deliver small items such as vibrating compactors, tracked dumpers, breakers etc… A vehicle like this allows delivery teams to safely load by hand or with the assistance of a hydraulic or manual ramp.  


When transporting slightly larger machinery, the use of a trailer can be used. However, there are towable weight restrictions of 3.5T that suppliers must adhere to. Therefore, only a certain machinery can be delivered at one time. This method of delivery is used for the transportation of micro/mini diggers, road rollers, RT rollers, 1T articulated dumpers, pedestrian rollers etc…

Beavertail truck (26T)

For larger plant equipment a beavertail truck is required to transport machinery up to 26T. These large trucks are designed to transport both wheeled and tracked plant machinery to their required destination. A qualified class 2 HGV driver can only transport machinery of this size. Beavertail trucks are used to transport multiple machines at one time. An example of the types of plant these trucks can transport are:

large excavators, articulated dumpers, road rollers, telehandlers etc…

Load loader lorry (+26T)

Extra-large machinery, (in excess of 26T) must be transported on a low-loader lorry. These large vehicles require a class 1 HGV licence to operate. Unlike transporting other equipment, this method may require an abnormal movement notice to be submitted to Highways England. Always allow yourself plenty of time for machinery of this size to be delivered. It is best to pre-order the machinery weeks in advance to ensure the correct notices can be completed and accepted.

What factors affect the cost of plant hire delivery?

To help you understand the cost of plant delivery further, here are some factors that you should be aware of:

Size and dimensions of equipment

The size and dimensions of the plant equipment will determine the type of transport method required. Larger equipment may need to be transported on either a beavertail truck or in some cases a low loader lorry, increasing the overall cost. Smaller machinery, for example, a mini digger, can be towed, may offer a delivery cost that is less.

Weight of equipment

Another very crucial element of cost in determining the type of transport method is the weight of the equipment. Depending on the overall gross weight of the machinery, including its accessories, will result in the correct and legal method of transport. Plant equipment can range from as little as 500kg, up to 30T plus. Remember… the heavier the equipment, the more expensive it will be to transport.

Distance to destination 

One of the biggest factors of plant delivery cost, is the travelling distance. Commonly, the first question you will be asked when requesting a delivery quote is, “where do you need the machinery to be delivered?” This is then calculated by a set rate per mile, depending on the suitable transport transport method. Always ensure that when you would like to obtain a delivery quote, you know exactly where you’d like the machinery delivered.

The current fuel rates 

The inflation cost of fuel makes the current (2022) rates of delivery difficult to accurately determine until you enquire. The fuel required to deliver plant equipment is always reflected the overall cost. It’s best to obtain a written quote from your supplier to get the most up-to-date fuel prices.

Who your supplier is?

Every supplier will charge different rates for delivery. Sometimes it is more beneficial to use a local supplier to where you need the equipment delivered to reduce the overall delivery cost. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should reduce your standards of equipment you hire. If you can trust a certain supplier to deliver the goods, it may well be worth paying slightly more for piece of mind.

Movement notice administration

For the movement of extra-large machinery on low-loader lorries, there could be an administration fee implied for filing a request. This is to cover the cost of the application documentation. Note, this is supplier dependant. If you are requesting the delivery of machinery over 26T it is worth asking if a movement notice admin fee applies.

How much does it cost to transport plant equipment?

Once you consider the the factors that we have highlighted, you should expect to budget between £1-£5 per mile to transport plant equipment to your needed location.

As mentioned before, the overall cost is supplier dependant. It is always best practice to ask how long the quote is valid. With weekly changes in the cost of fuel, you can expect the cost to fluctuate. 

How to obtain a plant hire delivery quote?

To obtain a quote for delivery there are some key essentials you require beforehand.

  • Type and size of machinery you require
  • Any additions such as attachments or added attachments
  • Delivery address (Postcode)
  • When you need the machinery delivered and collected

With this information, your plant hire specialist will be able to generate a quote for the delivery in a matter of moments. This however, may only be valid for a period. For example, 7 days. If your quote goes passed its validation point, then seek advice from your supplier to obtain a more up-to-date quote. Fluctuation if any will likely be minimal.

Ways to obtain delivery addresses for plant hire?

It’s not always that you have a specific address for the destination of your delivery. Construction and utilises companies quite often don’t have an exact postcode or location of where deliver machinery. Which begs the question…“how you can get an accurate quote and have your machinery delivered to exactly where you want it?”. Well, to help you can adopt these two methods:

Google Maps

Google maps are one of the most popular ways to inform a supplier of your delivery requirements. It allows you to pinpoint a position along any road in the world and share that with your hire specialist.

Simply click on the location along a road where you would like the machinery delivered. Click share and copy the link to send to your supplier. From here your plant hire specialist can give you an accurate quote for the delivery of your equipment.

What 3 words

Sometimes street names are not enough, entrances to sites can be difficult to find. This is where a program called what3words can help. This application has divided the entire earth into 3m squares all with their own specific names. This means if you need to accurately pinpoint where you want your machinery delivered you can do. Literally!

Not only can you pinpoint exactly where you want the machinery, you can also share this location with your plant hire supplier. This is the most accurate way of ensuring the machinery that you are hiring gets delivered to the correct place without delay or additional costs.

Ways to save on plant hire deliveries

There are a few ways that you can reduce the overall costs of delivering plant hire equipment such as:

  • Ensure you order the correct machinery. (No need to overspend)
  • Request delivery from your nearest depot if possible. (Don’t sacrifice on the quality of equipment.)
  • Avoid standing charges by being present when the machinery arrives.
  • Avoid cancelling last minute, which could incur changes.
  • Get an up-to-date quote in writing.

By using these methods, you will be able to minimise the overall cost of having your plant hire delivered. No matter the fluctuation in fuel prices.

Where to get your plant hire equipment delivered from?

WHC Hire Services loader hire

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