The Real Truth of How Plant Hire Works

You are maybe new to the construction industry and therefore have no clue how the plant hire works. If that’s the case, this resource will help you identify the real truths behind choosing a plant hire service to aid your newly started business. Starting a new venture can be a daunting and stressful time, therefore being able to simplify your decisions and costs is important for the planned longevity of your business.

How does plant hire work?

Plant hire offers businesses the opportunity to obtain their choice of required construction equipment temporarily, for a fee. Commonly, the same supplier may also be able to provide a wide range of tools at the same time. Hiring plant equipment is a very common practice in the construction industry. Offering a very effective solution with a wide range of flexibility makes business life that much easier.

Simply put, plant hire offers the solution to getting your hands on the equipment you need to do the job.

Who can benefit from this type of service?

Plant hire does not only serve the construction industry, but many other industries and trades that require equipment to complete their projects. Self-employed construction professionals and smaller businesses might not find owning this kind of equipment and machinery viable, so hiring it when needed is more cost-effective.

Additionally, using a plant hire service removes the stresses of having to store large machinery long-term, as well as removing the responsibility for its maintenance. Plant hire allows business owners to be far more flexible with their funds. Unlike purchasing a single piece of equipment, a far smaller investment can grant access to a wealth of opportunities. It is clear to see why businesses of all shapes and sizes choose to hire no matter their scale. Using a plant hire service also means that you have access to newer equipment, which is far more efficient than purchasing second-hand.

Why is it called ‘plant’ hire??

There are many myths of where the term ‘plant’ came from. However, the closest that can be found is from the Latin word ‘plantare’ meaning to fix in one place or drive into the ground. Plant hire is a common phrase to use in the construction and maintenance industries, as it relates to the acquirement of machinery designed to help complete a specific task. We will provide you with some examples later in this resource.

Plant hire is an effective way for businesses, and in some cases, DIYers, to obtain machinery they would likewise not wish to purchase and be solely responsible for. Plant hire allows users to only pay a set rate for the period they need the equipment. This method offers less financial risk compared to purchasing machinery outright. Hence the reason why thousands of businesses choose to hire on a daily basis.

What is a plant hire company?

Plant hire companies are specifically designed to provide plant equipment to businesses and the public. These businesses can range in size. From small, local, single establishment businesses, to nationwide, multi-depot providers. Plant hire companies are responsible for purchasing the equipment they wish to make available to hire. It is the sole duty of the plant hire company to ensure that the equipment hired is in safe working order for the customer to use. Poor, faulty machinery can lead to fatal accidents occurring. All plant hire companies should have a service/ maintenance program and procedures in place for every piece of equipment. If they haven’t, the truth is you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Plant hire companies can offer a delivery service of the machinery normally for an additional cost. Some machinery can weigh more than 20 tons, therefore, using a plant hire company to organise the logistics of equipment to your site, can be a massive benefit.

What is a plant hire fleet?

A plant hire fleet refers to the size of stock that a plant hire company has to offer. These can range from as little as a few dozen to hundreds, and even thousands of machines of different shapes and sizes. It is common that you will hear the term fleet thrown about when a plant hire company mentions the scale of its assets available. Finding the right size fleet to meet your needs is crucial to choosing the right supplier.

Fleets may be made up of different sizes of equipment in the same category. Especially if the plant hire supplier specialises in a particular piece of equipment. Finding the right provider to meet your needs can be a challenging task. Check out this additional resource to help you find the best local plant hire company for you.

What types of machinery are available from a plant hire service?

Plant hire services offer a wide range of flexible machinery to suit the requirements of its customers. Some may offer a wider range of machinery than others, however here are some examples of the types of machinery you can expect to see from a plant hire service.


Large JCB excavator hire

Excavators are available in a wide range of sizes from most plant hire suppliers. Ranging from Mini or micro-sized machines up to large earthmoving excavators. Smaller machines are ideal for tight spaced projects, whereas large excavators are designed for big construction sites where space is less of a hazard. Get help choosing the right size excavator here with this resource.


Telehandlers are an essential piece of equipment to keep a construction site moving. Also known as the telescopic handler, this machine offers a wide variety of highly productive features to assist large projects. These machines can house many attachments to suit and are able to manoeuvre over very uneven ground. These machines are used all across the country for construction, events, emergencies, demolition, etc. Their versatility truly makes them a game changer.


Dumper 3T hire whc hire

Dumpers are highly productive machines that are designed to transport earth, stone, or waste across a site safely. These machines come in several designs to suit the size, scale and ground pressure of a project. Some machines are fitted with additional features such as swivel skips for more efficient offloading. Dumpers are the ideal pairing with an excavator for large-scale earthmoving projects.


Roller compactor hire

Compactors are specialised pieces of machinery that are used to force laying particles together to create a stable surface to build on. It is common for them to come in several sizes depending on their application. You can expect to see both vibrating plates and rollers available from your local plant hire supplier. Compactors can be used on soil, earth, stone and even on other materials such as blocks and asphalt.  

Plant attachments

Even if you own your own machinery, plant attachments are available from your supplier to help you maximise your productivity. There are many attachments, buckets, or breakers that are designed for the machinery you are currently using. These attachments can also be requested with machinery also, allowing you to have more control of the equipment you need.

Where to plant hire in Gloucestershire

 If you are looking for a trustworthy plant hire service to work with in Gloucestershire, then get in contact with our team at. WHC Hire Services. With 25 years of experience and a large fleet of high-performance equipment, we offer one of the biggest and safest fleets in the UK. From micro to large excavators, telehandlers and more, you will find everything you need to get the job done safely with our plant hire solution service. Call 01684377977 or see our online catalogue here.

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