Tool Hire Hacks That Could Save You Money

We all want to save money. The more we can save, the more we can spend on the things that truly matter in life. Therefore, if you commonly use tool hire equipment, there will be no surprise that you might be interested in exploring these following tool hire hacks that could save you money.

Tool hire is the process of renting a piece of equipment for commercial or personal use. Tool hire covers several sectors stretching from the construction industry to grounds maintenance, and even plumbing, renovations, and more. There is no doubt a tool that has been designed to assist in whatever project you may have ahead of you. But why do people hire and not just buy?

Why do people hire tools?

DIYers and commercial contractors choose to tool hire for several beneficial reasons, such as

  • Flexibility
  • Cost
  • Availability
  • Latest equipment


Choosing to hire tools is a flexible way to spend your money. Look at it this way: instead of just purchasing one tool, you have the flexibility to change, return and maximise a toolkit that you wouldn’t normally be able to fork out for. Tool hire is a beneficial short-term commitment to getting the equipment you need to complete a project not only faster, but safely.


People hire tools because it works out far less expensive to purchase the same equipment. A tool that may cost more than £1000 to purchase would cost you not even 10% in hiring. (Supplier dependant.) Resulting in a lot of businesses and home DIYers turning to hire because they can save on the cost of tools that would have not otherwise purchased. Hiring tools is not for everyone. Some people still choose to purchase the equipment outright, which is a sensible financial decision, providing the cost can be justified.


The availability and range of equipment on offer makes hiring tools a very attractive choice. It is common to find suppliers that offer several sizes or types of on an individual piece of equipment. This allows you to be specific and flexible at the same time. When you opt to hire tools, you are more than likely going to be faced with endless options of state-of-the-art equipment to choose from.

Latest equipment

Choosing to hire equipment can be a quick way of accessing the latest and safest equipment on the market to help you complete your task. A quality supplier will stock the latest available tools, which are serviced and maintained in a suitable manner. This means when you come to use them, you can ensure they are in perfect working condition. Allowing you to focus more on the job at hand.

So now we have established several reasons why people choose to hire their tools, let’s have a look at what type of tools you can expect to hire from a tool hire supplier.  

Tools you can expect to hire

Each individual supplier of tool hire will operate differently; however, there is a common theme amongst them all in the form of the equipment that they offer. Tool hire is normally sectioned depending on the type of work you may expect the equipment to come under.

For example, a jigsaw may be found under hand tools or woodwork, depending on how your supplier defines the equipment. Nevertheless, there are some similarities in the types of tools you can expect to hire. These are as follows:

Building Tool Hire

Woodwork Tool Hire

circular saw

Drilling Tool Hire


Grinding/ Cutting Tool Hire

Gardening Tool Hire

rotovator 8hp

How much does it cost to hire tools?

Before sharing all the tool hire hacks that could save you money, it is important to understand how much it in fact costs. Hiring tools is a quick way of getting your hands on high-quality equipment at a far more attractive cost. However, to understand how much it costs to hire tools. We need to have a look at how the cost is made up.

First is the value of the item. This is the initial investment that the supplier has put down to provide the equipment for rental.

The second part of the overall cost is the maintenance of the equipment. How regularly does it require servicing? What upkeep is required to ensure it’s ready to work when it is hired out?

And finally, is the cost that the supplier wishes to charge for the tools. In short, how much they want to make from the hire. All these factors combined will make up the total cost of hire per day or week.

The cost of hiring tolls is also determined by the period that you wish to have them for. The longer your hire, generally the cheaper the cost per day is. However, regardless of if you choose to hire for a single day or months at a time, you can certain to save yourself money compared to purchasing. An example of hire periods and cost brackets are:

  • Same day
  • 1 Day
  • 2 Days (Weekend)
  • 3 Days
  • Week
  • Long term

Long-term hire costs are not always advertised, therefore it is best to always contact your supplier beforehand. Note: The prices that you will receive to hire tools will be ex VAT and delivery if required. If at any time you feel uncertain about the cost, always speak directly to your tool hire.

Tool Hire Hacks That Could Save You Money

To help, we want to share with you the following tool hire hacks that could save you money. Money that we’re sure you’d prefer in your back pockets.

Hire locally

Hiring tools from a local company will always save you money on travel or delivery. For example, hiring equipment from hundreds of miles away is not a cost-effective method to obtain the tools you need. Choosing a more local supplier that offers the standard of service and equipment that meets your needs is essential. You can expect to save anywhere up to 15% in hire costs by adopting this method.

Choose fuel-efficient equipment

Choosing the right type of equipment can be the difference in your fuel use or additional costs to your hire. There are plenty of attractive offers out there to hire tools at rock-bottom prices. However, what you will discover is that this type of equipment is outdated, inefficient, and very thirsty when it comes to fuel-powered machinery. Always remember the saying, “if it looks too good, then it probably is!” It is more beneficial to choose a supplier that offers newer equipment that is well maintained.

Only use them for as long as you need

When you have finished with your equipment. Off-hire it and return it. The quicker you do so, the less charge you will have overall. It is very common that you may initially think you may need a piece of equipment for a week, when in fact, only a couple of days will be sufficient. If you choose to hire tools, try to get as much done at one time to avoid overspending. Be sure that you are aware of your suppliers’ terms and conditions to off-hire machinery. You can normally find this information in your hire contract or by speaking directly to your supplier.

Compare providers

Comparing providers can make a huge difference when hiring tools. It is very common that people will find a supplier and stick to them, which is every business’s dream. However, in the real world, it is not always the case. However, cost does not have to be the defining factor in which supplier you choose or stick to. It’s all about the value and quality of the product that you receive. If you are thinking of essential tools for a project, you need to make sure that they won’t let you down halfway through. Sometimes, even paying just a small percentage more can boost your productivity and efficiency overall. If you’re thinking about vetting a tool hire supplier you can check out this resource we put together to help. How to choose the right equipment company near me?

Avoid damaging hire tools

One costly mistake that can come from hiring equipment is damaging the tools when in use. If you damage the equipment, then you need to inform your supplier so they can have it repaired and replace your existing one. Damaging hire tools is a chargeable offence. How expensive? It totally depends on the extent of the problem. This is why, when you hire, you should always organise temporary hire cover. Full equipment replacements can cost thousands, so it is worth being prepared just in case.

Hire what you need

Always hire the tools that you need and don’t overspend. Be sure that every piece of equipment that you need is required for your project. Some tools require additional components to operate. A good example of this is a transformer. If you already have a transformer, then avoid hiring an additional one just for another appliance. Being aware of the equipment you have already is important to avoid overspending.

Return equipment full of fuel

For fuel-operated tools, you can save instantly on your hire by returning the machinery full. It is common practice to charge customers to replace the missing fuel that the equipment is dispatched with. This is done on a cost-per-litre basis, which for small tools is not horrendous. However, for larger equipment, for example, a large compactor, it can make a difference to your overall bill. The fuel rates are determined by your supplier and in this current climate (Sept 22), fluctuates on a weekly basis. Don’t get caught out if you are working on a tight budget.

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