Trade Secrets: Why Should You Hire A Woodchipper

Why should you hire a woodchipper? Well, if your project involves many branches, twigs or cordwood, you will probably need a solution to remove it all. A woodchipper is an excellent solution for completing these tasks in an environmentally friendly way. Whether you are a professional tree surgeon or a home DIYer, there is a woodchipper out there to suit your type of project.

In this resource, we will take you through the trade secrets of why you should hire a woodchipper. From different machines, purchasing vs hiring, benefits of hiring, hire costs, transport and more. We won’t be leaving a stone unturned. Let’s get into it!

The purpose of hiring a woodchipper

purpose of woodchipper hire

A woodchipper is quite self-explanatory. It turns tree debris such as branches, twigs, cordwood, and logs into woodchips. Allowing you to remove the material or used in many bio-diverse ways. Woodchippers are essential tools in the tree maintenance sector, of which multiple different designs are available to meet the needs of their operators.

Finding the right woodchipper for your project will ultimately depend on your specific requirements. Some factors to consider when choosing to hire a woodchipper are:

  • Diameter of the material you will be chipping
  • Type of wood
  • The volume you need to process
  • Access to the project (terrain)
  • Transport of the machinery

By addressing these few factors, you can be sure to always choose the right chipper for your project every time. But what types of woodchippers are there to hire?

Types of Woodchippers to hire

There are essentially 3 general types of woodchippers to hire. All these designs are for different takes, project sizes and requirements. Let’s have a close look at these starting with…

Gravity Fed

gravity fed woodchipper

Gravity-fed woodchippers are the smallest of their kind. These machines are suitable for chipping twigs and branches up to 3 inches in diameter. Meaning, they are ideal for DIY and small wood-chipping projects. The weight of the timber naturally pulls the material down through the machine, which is then disperses through a shoot as woodchips. The processing time is entirely dependent on the material and ability of the operator. This machine operates best with straight, thin branches or twigs.


tracked woodchipper

Tracked woodchippers take wood processing to a completely different level. Having the machine on rubber tracks allows operators to get the machine as close to their debris pile as possible. These machines are generally roller fed and can process branches and logs up to and more than 6 inches at a time. Furthermore, the rollers of the machine drag the material through to the drum that processes the material into woodchips. These are then dispersed through a shoot. Tracked woodchippers are suitable for both DIYers and professional users. A 6-inch tracked woodchipper can process up to 5 tons of timber per hour.


towable woodchipper for hire

Towable woodchippers take high-performance wood chipping anywhere you need to go. These machines work the same as tracked woodchippers and can again process materials up to 6 inches in diameter. (Machine dependant.) Towable woodchippers are ideal for everyday wood chipping and can be towed behind a standard vehicle. Making them popular everyday hires. A 6-inch towable tracked woodchipper can also process up to 5 tons of timber per hour.

If you are stuck between hiring a towable or tracked woodchipper, you should check out our popular resource, “Towable or tracked woodchipper, Which is best to hire?”

Benefits of woodchippers hire

There are many benefits that come with choosing to hire a woodchipper. Depending on your circumstances and requirements, hiring may be far more suitable than purchasing one.

Quick to remove waste

Woodchippers are a great way to remove tree maintenance waste fast and effectively. Cutting the debris down to smaller sizes allows it to be moved far easier and safer.

No long-term contract

Hiring a woodchipper doesn’t require a long-term contract compared to purchasing one. There is no initial large outlay, and you only need to pay for what you use. A hire contract of a woodchipper can be ended at any point. Meaning it’s an ideal way to get the tool you need without purchasing it.

Environmental sensitive

Woodchippers are environmentally sensitive because they allow the debris that is produced by them to be reused for other purposes. Some examples are mulch for pathways, erosion control, weed control, or even used in biomass boilers for heating.   

No upkeep costs

When you hire a woodchipper, your supplier is responsible for providing the machinery in good working order. Reputable hire companies will service the machines regularly and sharpen the internal blades for continued peak performance. When you purchase a woodchipper, the responsibility for the maintenance of the machinery is solely on you.

Range of sizes to suit

There is a wide range of different woodchippers to hire, allowing you to get the right tool for the job. Thus choosing the right size tool is important for increasing productivity levels. This gives you the flexibility to make the ideal selection depending on your circumstances.  

No downtime costs

The final benefit to hiring a woodchipper is the fact that there are no downtime costs. Downtime on a woodchipper can be a costly issue to face, hence why hiring is very popular in this day in age. A purchased woodchipper requires to be paid for regardless of how much work it is doing. A hire contract can be broken at any time, therefore there is more control of cost control.

Buy Vs hire a woodchipper

Even though the prospect of hiring a woodchipper is ideal for most. In some cases, some would rather purchase a woodchipper rather than hire one. Purchasing a woodchipper comes with many benefits that you should be aware of before deciding on the right method of acquisition for you.

Equipment anytime

Purchasing a woodchipper is ideal for anytime use. For some, people prefer not to rely on 3rd parties to acquire their equipment. As a business, it can make you more flexible and open other opportunities by doing so. For example, trying to hire a woodchipper last minute on a bank holiday is near enough impossible. Already having the equipment allows you to react quicker.


Purchasing a woodchipper can be a very beneficial finical move for businesses. However, it is essential that the machinery can pay for itself, otherwise, you could be forced to sell the equipment and make a loss overall. Woodchippers can cost more than £30,000 as they are classed as specialised pieces of equipment.

How it looks

How a business looks is important to grow clients. Owning your own equipment can be seen as a sign of a profitable business from an outsider’s point of view. Resulting in additional trust being built with your clients, providing your work is highly satisfactory.

Costs of woodchipper hire

tracked woodchipper for hire

How much does it cost to hire a woodchipper? Well as we have already revealed in this resource, it totally depends on the machine you require to fit the bill. Each individual woodchipper that you will find at your local supplier will have a different cost. However, to make it easier, you should expect to pay around the following for these three machines:

Garden 3 Inch Gravity Fed Chipper £48.50 + VAT per day (£97.00 +VAT/Week)

Towable 6 Inch Woodchipper £138.00+VAT per day (£272.00 +VAT/Week)

Tracked 6 Inch Woodchipper £255.00+ VAT per day (£510.00 +VAT/Week)

These costs do not include refuelling the machine after use, insurance for your hire or transport if you need the machinery delivered. You should always check directly with your equipment hire supplier and obtain a quote in writing for a more accurate price.

Woodchipper hire transport

Transporting a woodchipper is an extremely simple task. Gravity-fed and tracked woodchippers can be transported on a standard towable trailer when secured correctly. This will require a vehicle with a tow bar and enough power to safely pull it. Towable woodchippers require the same vehicle, however, they are designed to be pulled directly instead of being mounted on another trailer. Remember that towing weights are restricted to 3500kg, including the initial trailer weight. It is therefore extremely important to remember if you wish to transport the machinery yourself.

If you are ever unsure about transporting a woodchipper, you can always get your supplier to deliver the equipment for you. This will be at an additional cost which can be quoted when enquiring about a hire of a woodchipper.

Choosing where to hire a woodchipper

Choosing where to hire a woodchipper can be a daunting task. However, our team at WHC Hire takes all the stresses of hiring a woodchipper away. With our 25 years of experience in supplying the tree maintenance industry with high-performance equipment, we have the knowledge and tools to help you get the job done. With low-hours equipment from world-leading brands such as Timberwolf and Forst, you can trust us to deliver.  

For more information, or to see our range of high-performance tree maintenance equipment call 01684377977  or click here to see more.

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