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Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is designed to remove the stump and root ball of a tree. These machines have the ability to grind through any type of tree and shrub species, allowing you to clear the ground to continue with your project. 

Stump grinders are commonly used by landscape gardeners and tree surgeons throughout their projects. The grinders wheel rotates at high speed and it is equipped with small teeth, that turn the stump into fine shavings. 

It is key to always try to remove all the rocks in and around the base of a stump before commencing. You can also speed up your grinding by cutting the tree stump as low to the ground as possible before starting. 

When you are ready to commence grinding, position the machine’s blade slighting over one side of the stump. Be sure to elevate the blade as you start the engine. Once the machine is at full throttle slowly lower the blade onto the stump and immediately move the blade from side to side. Once 2 inches have been removed, repeat the same method from a different angle. Continue until the stump’s root ball is removed, or the stump has been reduced to the desired height. 

When using a stump grinder you should take caution against flying debris. Therefore, it is crucial to protect yourself when using a machine like this. A helmet, goggles, gloves, safety boots, hearing protection and a dust mask are recommended.  

To enquire about the availability of a stump grinder please complete the enquiry form below, or, call 01684377977 today. 

Available to hire from all WHC Hire depots in Worcester, Tewkesbury and Chipping Norton.

Stump Grinder Details

  • Weight120kg
  • FuelPetrol
  • Power13HP
  • Example UsesTool for clearing tree stumps, Removing tree stumps, Getting rid of tree stumps

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