Cost To Hire A Cabbed Dumper: The Breakdown

With the imminent change in the legislation of large site dumpers, begs the big question. “What is the cost to hire a cabbed dumper?” There is no doubt that if you are using standard machines already, this article will help you plan and budget for the coming change. 

By the end of this resource, you should have a clear insight into why this change is occurring, as well as determining the true cost of hiring a cabbed dumper.

To begin, let’s dive into the legislation change which is coming into effect.

On-site dumper new legislation 2025

The new legislation for on-site dumpers comes into play in Spring 2025. This will affect all site dumpers that have an unladen weight of over 4.5 tons. Hence the early introduction of cabbed equipment. The change has come about as part of a movement to protect dumper operators across the UK.

60% of deaths that have occurred on-site dumpers are due to overturning. Therefore, to provide additional risk management, all on-site dumpers must have a manufactured fitted cabin that is tested to level 2 ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Fall On Protective Structure).

Access to cabbed dumpers in the hire industry started only a few years ago. Due to their benefits, they have slowly become a popular choice for many large construction businesses already.

So now we have had a look at why these machines are flooding the market. Let’s look at the cost of hiring a cabbed dumper.

Cost to hire a cabbed dumper

Cost to hire cabbed dumper thwaites cab

One of the first questions you will want to know is the cost to hire a cabbed dumper? You can expect to pay from £260.00 + VAT per week for a 6 Ton articulated model, or £288.00+VAT per week for a 9T model.

However, it is worth noting these costs are completely supplier-dependent. If you are interested in long-term rates then check out your closest WHC Hire Depot for more information.

In addition to the initial cost of hiring a cabbed dumper, you should be aware possible added costs that you may incur when hiring plant equipment like this. These are as follows:

  • Deposits
  • Delivery cost
  • Fuel charges
  • Cleaning costs
  • Hire Insurance costs

It is important to be aware of your supplier’s terms and conditions before ordering any type of equipment. Nevertheless, let’s have a closer look at each one of these potential added costs together.

Deposit cost to hire a cabbed dumper

Deposit cost cabbed dumper

If working with a hire supplier on a one-off basis, then you may be asked to pay a deposit for the security of the machinery. Deposits are 100% refundable provided the equipment is returned in perfect working order. If you have hired machinery on a “cash basis” already, you should be aware of this. If not, speak directly to your supplier who will be able to calculate a deposit for the machinery for you.

To simplify hiring a cabbed dumper, setting up a credit account with your provider could be far more beneficial. Accounts normally take 24 hours to process, therefore be sure to do this in plenty of time.

Even though deposits are refundable, you will have to produce the funds prior to receiving the equipment. The next additional cost of hiring a cabbed dumper is delivery.

Delivery Cost of Cabbed Dumper

Delivery cost cabbed dumper

As all on-site articulated cabbed dumpers over 4.5T are affected by the new legislation ,the next cost you need to bear in mind is of delivery.

Due to the equipment’s weight, you will either require an HGV licence to transport the equipment, or like most, have it delivered. Delivery of plant hire equipment is not included in your initial price. Therefore you should include this further cost within your budget for hiring a cabbed dumper.

For a guide to the cost of plant hire delivery, check out this resource from WHC Hire’s resource vault. How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Plant Hire Equipment? To obtain an exact quote, you should approach your supplier directly.

Next is the fuel charges.

Fuel charges for cabbed dumper hire

Fuel Charges cabbed dumper

The key ingredient to keep plant equipment going is their fuel. You should expect your cabbed dumper to arrive with a full tank of fuel-ready to go. However, this must be replenished before the equipment is off-hired. Otherwise, you will incur a fuel charge.

Fuel charges are standard wherever you hire equipment from. However, if you fail to refill your hired machinery, expect this further charge to be added to your overall bill. The rate at which the fuel cost is set at your suppliers liberty. Therefore, be aware of this before deciding whether you refuel the equipment yourself, or leave it up to them.

A refilling example: Thwaites 6T Cabbed Dumper holds a 72 litre tank.

72 x 1.51(Average diesel cost Dec 2023) = £108.72

Next up we are going to take a look at cleaning costs.

Cleaning costs of cabbed dumper hire

There is no hiding it, site dumpers get very dirty when being used in construction. It’s just part of the game that we play. Nevertheless, if you hire equipment like a cabbed dumper, you will want to be aware of potential cleaning charges.

Cleaning costs of cabbed dumpers are normally implied if the equipment is returned in poor condition. Some machinery can take suppliers hours to clean, therefore this cost is returned to the customer where appropriate.

What does this mean for you? Well to start with, be sure you are aware of the cleaning charge policy of your supplier. Always know where you stand. If you fail to return the equipment in good order, you can expect the charge to be billed to your account or taken from directly from your deposit. This is completely supplier-dependent and should be stated in the terms and conditions of your hire agreement.

To avoid an additional cost like this, be sure to clean your equipment prior to off hiring.

Hire insurance costs of cabbed dumpers

Insuring your cabbed dumper is extremely important to avoid any serious financial penalties, should the worst-case scenario happen. Luckily, accidents are not that common, but they do happen. Most construction business insurers will offer hired-in plant insurance cover, however this is not a standard feature.

Alternatively, look for temporary insurance coverage for specialised machinery like cabbed dumpers. Plant hire insurance is generally not included from your equipment supplier and should organised through a third-party agent. For a more in-depth look at plant hire insurance, see “Plant hire insurance explained.

Road tax cost for a cabbed dumper on hire

Additional costs like road tax on a cabbed dumper is something you also bear in mind if you are hiring one. Not all plant hire machinery is licenced to be used on UK roads. It is worth discussing this requirement with your supplier and if there is any additional charge to the hire.

Operators’ training cost for a cabbed dumper

Safe operation of any equipment is essential when using plant equipment commercially. Even though new safety management systems have been installed, it is crucial you know how to operate them safely.

You do not need training to hire a cabbed dumper, however, be expected to produce certificates of competency for use on most UK building sites. NPORS training for site dumpers starts from £280.00 + VAT from Vally Plant training, who WHC Hire Services highly recommend.

vally plant trianing

Certifications like this will cover you for using equipment under your business insurance. For more details on NPORS training in the UK, speak to Vally Plant Training.

New Features You Can Expect on Cabbed Dumpers

Features on cabbed dumpers to hire

Cost to hire a cabbed dumper: Conclusion

cost of cabbed hire conclusion

Hiring an articulated cabbed dumper is going to become common practice as of 2025. In terms of cost changes, you can expect around 13% increase from current standard site dumper prices.

In short, this equates to roughly £30.00+ VAT more per week (2024). Nevertheless, this additional cost will come with many advantages to businesses operating these machines. For more information on the advantages of cabbed dumpers see our resource, Unexpected Advantages of Cabbed Dumpers in Construction Projects”

To recap, if you are looking to hire a cabbed dumper in 2024, you should expect to pay from £240.00+VAT upwards per week. In addition to this, there are various other costs that you may incur when choosing to hire machinery. All of which we have covered in this article.

If you are looking to hire a cabbed dumper for your next building construction project, then WHC Hire Services could be your ideal partner. Choose from our Thwaites 6T Swivel Tip and 9T Front Tip Cabbed Dumpers available from all our depots . For more information, or to arrange a quote then contact our friendly team on 01684377977 or use our quote enquiry form on our product pages.

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