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All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Kubota X-1110

Posted by sean

This ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) from Kubota is the ultimate versatile machine for a wide variety of day-to-day activities. Fitted with a 3-cylinder, 24.8hp diesel engine, this machine provides you with the power and acceleration to take on even the toughest tasks—like climbing hills—while enjoying a smooth ride, excellent drivability, and superior legroom.

The Kubota RTV-X1110 is fitted with a variable hydraulic transmission that is industry-leading to provide wider torque bands for maximum performance.  This is supported by its high-rigidity frame which isolates occupants from noise and vibration during travel and operation. In addition, this rough terrain vehicle is fitted with power steering, and 60:40 split bench seats, all of which are enclosed in the machine’s glass cabin.

To further boost productivity the all-new ATV can transport up to 15.2 cubic meter loads in its rear bed. Alternatively, operators have the option of towing up to 450 kg on the standard fitted 50mm tow bar that comes with the machine. Finally, to offer further productivity, the RTV-X1110 offers a tail-gated, hydraulic tip cargo bed to offload cargo fast and effectively.

The ATV Kubota RTV-X1110 is the ideal machine for multi-terrain, high-performance transportation of small equipment and towable machinery. It is the ideal machine for forestry, estate management, utility contractors, golf courses, event hire and more.

Second Fix Nail Gun (Makita GF600SE)

Posted by sean

This second fix nail gun from Makita is designed for detailed aesthetic work. Commonly used for door frames, furnishings, skirting and more.

Model GF600 is a gas-driven cordless Brad nailer for 16Ga straight finish nails.

Its main features are:

Best possible ergonomic handle for high manoeuvrability. A Nose tip designed to provide better visibility for quick and easy access to a desired driving point of the workpiece. An LED job light illuminates the workpiece brightly for efficient operation in a dark place. Further, an LED indication lamp with battery power warning and trouble detection functions for convenience in operation and repair.

If you require a first fix nail gun then click here to find out more.

See Specs below

First Fix Nail Gun (Makita GN900SE)

Posted by sean

This first fix nail gun from Makita offers adjustable depth control. First fix or framing nailers, typically will leave dents in your timber, ideal if the purpose of the job is not aesthetic. If you require a more delicate type of Nail Gun, then click here to see our second fix nail gun.

The GN900 is a cordless clipped head nailer developed for a wide range of framing applications. The main features are as follows: Using fuel gas as the power source to provide freedom from hoses and compressors. Equipped with LED indication lamp with battery power warning and trouble detection functions for the convenience of operation and repair.

See specifications below

Compact Tractor (John Deere 4052r)

Posted by sean

The 4052r compact tractor is the ideal accessory to supercharge the way customers operate. John Deere has packed this updated compact tractor with premium, state of the art technology and class-leading features that you will not find anywhere else. This latest model is fitted with planetary gears which is the same drive layout you would find in John Deere’s larger tractors. Its hydro transmission, PowReverser™gear transmission means that the compact tractor can be easily switched between forward and reverse with no clutch required.

A four-cylinder diesel stage V engine designed for heavy workloads with ample amount of power and torque, making for a cleaner and far more fuel-efficient operation. Finally, the new machine is fitted with John Deere’s LoadMatch™ which automatically matches the engine speed to the engine load.

This tractor is designed for heavy-duty grounds work, from towing large loads to preparing and maintaining large areas of land. The new 4052r is also available with two brand new 540rpm PTO attachments.

Warlord Flail Attachment- Click to view

A type Maschio Rotovator- Click to view

Features include

540 RPM PTO Output

Close Cabin Compact Tractor

PowReverser™ Gear Transmission

John Deere’s LoadMatch™

Diesel Stage V Engine

6′ Tracked Woodchipper (Först TR6 42hp)

Posted by sean

This 6’ tracked woodchipper from Först offers powerful and efficient chipping for all tree species throughout the UK. Operated by an aggressive, fuel-efficient 42hp Doosan DPF diesel engine, the Först TR6 offers customers some highest performance woodchipping on the market. The TR6 is built for the professional contractor, to be able to manoeuvre the machine on the roughest of terrains. Overall…reducing the amount of manhandling of debris an operator has to do.

In addition, this professional tracked woodchipper offers high-speed tracking. It is fitted with a wide hopper offering 6’ x 8’ chipping dimensions, far larger than some of its competitors of a simpler machine. There is no comprise with the build quality of the Först ST6 as its steal outer panelling and attention to detail, makes for a specialised piece of equipment.

The TR6 42D also offers contractor’s stage V emissions engine which is EU compliant. This means that not only are operators getting high performance, efficiency and economy levels. But will produce far fewer emissions overall.

Features include

High-speed tracking

Stage V Emission Engine

High-performance 42hp Doosan engine

Roller aperture of 6’x 8’ 150mmx200mm

Först AutoIntelligence Control

Robust construction

Clear fuel tank

6′ Towable Woodchipper (Först ST6)

Posted by sean

This 6’ towable woodchipper from Först offers powerful and efficient chipping for all tree species throughout the UK. Operated by a fuel-efficient 24hp Kubota engine, the Först ST6 offers customers the ability to process faster than ever before.

In addition, this professional towable woodchipper offers a compact, powerful machine weighing in under 1000kg. It is fitted with a wide hopper offering 6’ x 8’ chipping dimensions, far larger than some of its competitors of a simpler machine. There is no comprise with the build quality of the Först ST6 as its steal outer panelling and attention to detail makes for a specialised piece of equipment. 

Features include

Impressive 24hp Kubota engine             

Robust construction 

Clear fuel tank 

Först AutoIntelligence Control for optimal performance

Wide hopper 

Under 1000kg 

Mini Excavator Hire 1.5T- Kubota KX19-4

Posted by sean

Mini excavator hire from WHC Hire. The Kubota KX19-4 1.5T mini excavator is available to hire from WHC Hire depots in Tewkesbury, Worcester and the Cotswolds.

For specifications and more information go to:

Rotary Floor Preparation Machine (SPE STR 701)

Posted by sean

The SPE STR 701 Rotary Floor Preparation Machine 230V is simple, safe, comfortable to operate and highly effective. Low noise levels (64dB) along with the complete absence of fumes, vibration and dust make the STR 701 the ideal machine for refurbs and renovation. The STR 701 is also fitted with thermal overload protection to shield the machine from overheating. 

Single/Double/AGR Tower System

Posted by sean

WHC Hire provides a large selection of single, double and AGR (Advanced Guard Rail) single-width towers. These access towers are fully portable and simple to erect and dismantle. The Towers tube has a 48mm external diameter, the same diameter as traditional steel scaffolding. This means adaptations and tying in is very easy because you can use standard tubes & fittings which you cannot with a lightweight system.

Towers are available in a range of sizes:

Single Width Span: 2.4m, 3.4m, 4.4m, 5.4m, 6.4m, 7.4m

Double Width Stair: 2.4m, 3.4m, 4.4m, 5.4m, 6.4m, 7.4m

AGR Single Width: 2.2m, 2.7m, 3.7m, 4.2m, 4.7m, 5.7m, 6.2m, 6.7m, 7.7m

All towers are available with stabilizers included in your hire.

Call or complete to enquiry form below to book hire today.

Trimax Warlord 175 Flail Mower

Posted by sean

The all-new Trimax Warlord S3 with its hydraulic side shift operation makes for a powerful working companion in commercial applications such as weed abatement, tree farms, mulching turf off cuts, trimming turf ribbons, roadside mowing and horticulture applications.

This mower is ideal for the clearance of small trees, bush & heavy grass in amenity areas & on verges of highways.

This attachment is available with our 50hp stage V compact tractor 

Ride On Mower (Hi Tip)

Posted by sean

This hi-tip ride on mower is ideal for the professional or keen amateur alike. The Kubota has non power steering and mower shaft drive, plus numerous operator features for enhanced convenience and enjoyment. The grass collector has an easy empty hydraulic tip that lifts to a height of 1930mm. The advantage of the hi-tip mower is that you can tip directly into a high sided trailer or a pickup.

Tractor Mounted Rotavator (Maschio)

Posted by sean

This tractor mounted rotavator offers a flexible PTO attachment for compact tractors. Its highly professional set-up offers operators a single-speed gearbox that ensures the reduction of rotor revelations. In addition, the final transmission is ensured by an oil-lubricated chain system for additional safety and precision.

Heavy-duty rotavator designed for use on a compact tractor with 540rpm PTO output. This attachment design is perfectly balanced to provide unmatched results with minimum vibrations. The Maschio rotavator is designed to work in the toughest of conditions. Ideal for all horticultural and agricultural applications.

Our tractor mounted rotavator offers adjustable working heights and is suitable for wet or dry applications. For safety, this PTO rotavator has a rear trailing board to prevent debris from being thrown.

This is the ideal attachment for encouraging aeration in larger areas prior to seeding or laying turf.

Note: This attachment requires a compact tractor or similar to operate. Click here to see our latest compact tractor model available to hire.

For more information or to arrange to hire a tractor mounted rotavator, complete the contact form below, or call your local depot today.

Post Hole Borer 2 Man

Posted by sean

Post hole borer 2 man (auger) with built-in safety brake. Comes with a 6″ Auger & extension bar.
PPE: Gloves

9T Excavator

Posted by sean

9T JCB 90Z-2 Excavator

Designed to perform, built to last. Introducing the newest generation of 9T excavators, the JCB 90Z-2.

The latest 9T excavator from JCB excels with its build quality, power, efficiency, comfort, safety and serviceability in abundance. The new generation JCB 90Z-2 midi diggers are ready to provide ultimate productivity on any job.

JCB’s latest 9T addition benefits from the latest stage V engine which is HVO ready, with no compromise on performance. Peak power and torque at low engine speeds, allows you to be more efficient with your cycles and make every drop of fuel count.

New features include:

  • New Stage V engine for ultimate performance
  • Class-leading tractive effort and tracking speeds
  • Auto kick down motors automatically improve productivity
  • 100% steel bodywork and bushed dig end
  • Heavy-duty kingposts and heavy-duty boom cylinder guards provide protection against damage
  • Durable four plate dipper design
  • Improved dig end hoses and harness routing

See full specifications below.

14T Excavator On Rubber Pads

Posted by sean

WHC Hire have a modern fleet of JCB 140X all are fitted with the Ecomax T4i engines giving our customers a fuel saving of up to 10%. All our machines have side & rear view camera system, climate control, cab guards, hose burst check valves for safe lifting & hammer breaker circuits fitted. This 14T excavator on rubber pads, protects the ground that you are working on.

28T Excavator (JCB 245XR) RTS

Posted by sean

Maximise your efficiency with the JCB 245XR 28T excavator, the latest addition to the X series with reduced tail swing (RTS). After 4 years of development, JCB has finally designed a machine that offers everything you need for maximum productivity in an excavator.

Ideal for housing developments and highways maintenance, the 245XR offers state of the art hydraulic, electronic and electrics to produce a world-class large excavator. It’s reduced tail swing allows it to work tight against buildings and roadsides, however, does not comprise any cabin space. 40% less tail swing than the JCB 220X.

The JCB 245Xr offers large loading capacities of 1.25m3 with an overall output of 129kw from its Stage V Dieselmax engine. Cleaner, highly efficient and maximum productivity. Weighing in at 28T, this machine is one of the most advanced earthmoving or lifting equipment available to date on the market.

Speak to one of our team of professionals today to organise hire and delivery of the JCB 245XR 28T Excavator.

Features include: